The Study Change of Global Environmental and Human Changes on Sturgeons conservation with Emphasis on Food Security in Caspian Sea
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Water ecosystems are valuable sources in biosfherand can provide food supplies for human in future. In this regard Caspian Sea is one of the best water sources of world. This Sea is one of the best water sources of world since the past sturgeon and other natural stocks of Caspian Sea have been used as important sources of food and income for the people which live in coastal zones.

 Despite the entire positive a negative measures carried out to prevent their extinction, human activities and climate play important role in sturgeon living mechanism. Unfortunately, this trend has changed after the break up of former Soviet Union.

The fisheries in the basin develop under the influences of complicated interactions of natural and anthropogenic factors which necessitate the elaboration of a system of purposeful measures providing conservation and rational exploitation of bioresearches. In its turn, the definition of the most effective measures in possible only if based on an analysis of conditions formed during a period of time, assessment of priorities in change of ecological situation and productivity of the water body.

The problem of the conservation the Caspian Sturgeon and some representatives of this family from other water bodies of concern to the world community. This paper shows that for food security and solve this problem the following measures need to be implemented:

- Halt poaching in a joint effort of Caspian Sea.

- Provide a pass of breeders to the spawning ground.

- Increase juvenile release all over the basin.

- Prevent pollution of the Sea with oil products and other toxicants

- Conduct fishing line with the common fishing regulations within the limits of scientifically based TACs and according to allocated quotas.

 Key words: Persian Sturgeon, climate ,Environment, food

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